Not sure how the debug GUI exe works but I found a solution for the service:

In ...WndControl.pas,

 TIcsWndControlVersion  = 110;
CopyRight : String = ' TIcsWndControl (c) 2002-2008 F. Piette V1.10 ';

 WH_MAX_MSG                   = 400; <== MODIFIED THIS from 100

so that it would create less windows per same number of messages. With this
change, My also ICS stress tester can open > 15k connections concurrently.
In a real life case, since there will not be a stress tester on the same
machine, I think it is ok. This must be a non-paged RAM drought issue...

Could you make WH_MAX_MSG a property so that each time users update ICS,
they would not need to change ICS source?

It is likely that Windows has different settings for a service application and a GUI application. Since a GUI application is likely to use a lot of windows (visible or not), probably Windows size his internal tables accordingly. A GUI application has a default 10.000 handles allowed. This is why I created TIcsWndControl in the first place. This allow to open more concurrent sockets since with TIcsWndControl a single window handle a lot of sockets (100 by default) and you don't run out of handle anymore.

This article could be a starting point for you:
And also this one:

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