Fastream Technologies wrote:

>>> We use TStringList quicksort/binary search routine I wrote for
>>> caching--works so well that I can recommend.
>> With many entries all TList-derrived classes are dog-slow
>> compared with binary search trees for this purpose!
> We are using Sorted=true; while adding items and no IndexOf() but our
> own routine based on searching in a sorted stringlist.

Yes that is how I compared a custom TObjectList (sorted, with binary 
search) and my AVL TObjectTree. Tested with 1 Million inserts, I 
decided to kill the test application after one or two minutes
while it was still inserting.

Here are the results of a binary search tree running on an old 

Tree 1Mil inserts: 578 msec
Tree 10000 worst case searches: 0 msec
Tree 10x iter over 1Mil: 625 msec
Tree Clear 1Mil: 375 msec

Iterating over trees is of course slower than over TList.  

> What happens if one sets as listening IP? Does it cover the
> IPv6 interface as well? I mean, our customers are seeking
> simplicity--can they listen on both IPv's with single listening
> socket?

No, either IPv6 or IPv4. If you want to listen on multiple 
interfaces or different IP versions you have to create another 
listening socket as with SSL too. Also mapped IPv4 addresses are not 
supported (yet?)

Arno Garrels
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