Hi All,

I'm currently at a customer site and I need to receive data sent with UDP broadcast. I've done this quite often without problems, but at the moment I have a problem of which I'm not sure where to look.

(As always) I've set up my receiving socket like this:

 fUDPServer := TWSocketServer.Create(nil);
 fUDPServer.Proto := 'udp';
 fUDPServer.Port := PORT;
 fUDPServer.Addr := '';
 fUDPServer.OnDataAvailable := OnUDPDataAvailable;

I do not receive the data sent at all, I _do_ see the data with Wire Shark.

After some testing (making a UDP broadcasting and listening client self) I've found that I only receive UDP broadcasted messages sent to Unfortunately, the message I need to receive are sent to x.x.x.255 (only the last byte of the IP address is set to 255). I also see this in Wire Shark.

If I sent a broadcast myself to I receive it in my own UDP listener, if I send it to x.x.x.255 I do not receive it in my own listener.

Is there any way to receive this data using ICS or does anybody else have a good tip in which direction to search?

Here a log line of Wire Shark in which you can see Wire Shark does receive this data: 564 0.901067 UDP Source port: 1120 Destination port: 1120

Kind regards,

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