> Hi,
> I uploaded a better Unicode port of TPop3Cli here:
> http://www.duodata.de/misc/delphi/ics/OverbyteIcsPop3Prot.zip

Thanks for making a quick fix, I will surely use it and probably a few
other people here as well. But I'm more for a permanent solution so
I'll keep an eye on this.

I've been researching a bit and seems that using AnsiChar and
AnsiString types to store binary data are safe they only have codepage
associated with them so only conversions may be issue but apart from
that they should behave binary safe as before in earlier versions of
Delphi/C++. As long as you assign one AnsiString with the same
codepage (like system default one, even if it is Japanese locale)
there should be no conversions. I'm not sure though what would happen
if two AnsiStrings were in different codepages, then probably some
conversions may occur but haven't tried that. But of course TBytes is
better for this purpose although it doesn't have so many useful
methods in it for manipulating the data like AnsiString has...
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