Stefan Göppert wrote:
> Hi,
> I try to send multiple E-Mails (single Mails, one after another).
> After a while (mostly if 380 E-Mails where send) I get an SMTP
> component not ready error. What can I do in this case?  
> Here some code:
     smtpQuit     :  begin
>                     sleep(500);

Do not call sleep, it's useless.

>                     if whereIam > -1 then
>                       sendMail(whereIam)

Do not call sendMail here, instead post a custom message and
from its handler call sendMail. In sendMail check whether
the connection is closed, or handle event OnSessionClosed
as well.

>                     else
>                       ShowMessage('ok');

Do not call ShowMessage() from event handler, it processes
messages which could lead to reentrance into the handler or to 
other unwanted results.

Arno Garrels

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