>> Sorry I misunderstood. I thought you used method DnsLookup.
>> So in this case it is simple to fix, call method DnsLookup and
>> connect with a dotted IP address from the OnDnsLookupDone event
>> handler. 
> Hi Arno
> Thanks for the clarification
> So, if I use the method DnsLookup all the requests will be serialized
> correct?

Correct, and it won't block the calling thread. 

> If I try to connect to several different DNS that takes several
> seconds to resolve (I tested in my customer site and it actually
> takes 5 to 6 seconds to resolve), it means that if it is serialized,
> the last request will take very long to respond

That's true as well.
> Instead, if I spaw a thread (and release after use) for each lookup
> and use the routine WSocketResolveHost from the new thread context, I
> can response many addresses all at once, correct?

In parallel yes, the more CPUs or cores the better.
> Is it safe to use WSocketResolveHost routine? I can translate the
> result to dotted IP address easily

Yes, it is safe, however I would consider to use WSocket_gethostbyname 
as well (more work).

Arno Garrels

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