From what I could see, ICS uses a lot of WM_USER+n messages range but
the use of these custom messages is not recommended. Instead you
should use WM_APP+n.

The reason to use WM_APP is because WM_USER can conflict with system
messages - this is especially true on older Windows so WM_APP range
should be safer.

Any thoughts on that?

There is no problem since ICS component use their own window which only receive messages from the components. BTW: In ICS V7, you can select the starting message number with GWndHandlerMsgLow global variable.
GWndHandlerMsgLow can be initialized before any ICS component is created
Typically it is done from the project source file.
If you don't initialize it, it will be initialized to WM_USER + 1 the first time it is needed.

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