I am having trouble reading any datamembers from the Server
certificate(TX509Base* PeerCert) on the client 

in the ICS simpleSsl cli/server examples.


I should note that these have been rewritten in C++, so this poses a
risk of errors.


My final goal is to encapsulate a custom protocol using SSL.



What does work(in timed order):


Client:                Connect / SessionConnected (Err = 0)


Server:              SslWSocketServer1ClientConnect (Err = 0)


*Client:             SockSslHandshakeDone( Err = 0)


Client:                SockDataAvailable ( Err = 0   "Welcome to
OverByte ICS TcpSrv")



NOTE: Client's SslContext obj has SslVerifyPeer = false

As I don't expect the client to supply any certs just yet.



* In the Client app's OnHandshake done event the TX509Base* PeerCert
parameter does not contain any values except NULL,

though the pointer itself is not NULL.

I should note that I do not get any exceptions either.


Since the ErrorCode = 0 in the Clients OnHandShakeDone event I was
expecting to be able to read datamembers from this certificate and have
the Client app validate these,

and set the bool& Disconnect value to false should the cert. no be


I have been using the certs supplied with the ICS distro and have made
som of my own using the supplied IcsSslBuildCerts.bat.

Both however yield the same result L


I am convinced that I am doing something fundamentally wrong, so any
help woul be greatly appreciated.



My prerequisites are:

- Codegear C++ Builder 2007 R2 Version 11.0.2902.10471 

-OpenSSL v0.9.8e

-ICS-V7 Distribution (Sep 12, 2009) 



Best regards

Kurt Andersen


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