> Hi,
> IcsSSL is compatible with OpenSSL 1.0 ?

> now i'm using 0.9.8e, do you suggest me to update to version 1?

> thank you in advantage.

I had some problems related to ciphers/TLS when using OpenSSL 1.0 - at least 
with the build provided by Shining Light Productions. With OpenSSL 0.9.8 build 
provided by ICS team I had no problems. But it might be related to what is 
actually built into both builds, because when everything was set to defaults 
and nothing was enforced, both versions were good for me.

BTW: OpenSSL has some fancy ciphers and hash routines built in, one can use 
them instead the ones provided by ICS itself and gain sometimes huge 
performance advantage.   

Piotr Dałek

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