Astonishingly (well, to me anyway) I was able to sort out the problems with my 
client and server apps. I had copied code from the OverbyteIcsWebserv demo, and 
in one place I left in the cast to TMyHttpClient (or something like that). If I 
can give any tips to the group, it's to use TICSLogger and enable logging on 
ALL messages.

Slightly different but also maybe helpful to others, I had a service that 
instantiated an Interface in the Execute method. Then my socket code complained 
that it was trying to use an Interface that had been marshalled for a different 
thread. It turns out that the Execute method IS in a different method from my 
ICS datareceived event. I check to see if the Interface variable has been 
assigned in my datareceived event, and if not, I instantiate it there.

At least, that got the app working for me.

Thanks, Arno, for your wonderful assistance. This was my first time venturing 
into the world of SSL, and you made it easier and less frightening.


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