I have a strange problem with THtmlSmtpCli in ICS-V7 Distribution (Sep 12, 2009 or last SVN built Revision 579), or ICS-V6 Distribution (Sep 12, 2009) on Delphi 2007 or 2010. When I send an email with more than 10 inline images (multipart), images after the 9th are not displayed on Orange webmail.
It work fine on other webmail like Gmail or Hotmail.
It work fine with Indy SMTP component are any email client. It's only a THtmlSmtpCli problem. Like if Orange Webmail don't like TSmtpCli content and cut after more than 9 inline images.

It can be easily tested with "OverbyteIcsMailHtml.dpr" (in http://svn.overbyte.be:8443/svn/ics/branches/icsv7/Delphi/Internet/ )
 with more than 10 inline image send to an Orange webmail.

Nevertheless I have found a solution which work fine :
In OverbyteIcsSmtpProt.pas

Change :
StrPCopy(PAnsiChar(MsgLine), 'Content-ID: <IMAGE' +
                                 IcsIntToStrA(FImageNumber) + '>')
To :
StrPCopy(PAnsiChar(MsgLine), 'Content-ID: <IMAGE' +
                                 IcsIntToStrA(FImageNumber) + 'INCLD>')

Does "Content-ID: <IMAGE10>" is to basic or already use for another thing in Orange web client ?

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