DZ-Jay wrote:
> On Sep 04, 2010, at 11:40, Arno Garrels wrote:
>> Hello DZ-Jay,
>> At least Firebird provides 5 priorities so why should we remove this
>> feature from ICS?
> It's not standard, most clients assume there's only "low," "normal,"
> and "urgent".  In any case, setting TSmtpCli to use only three values
> (which is what it currently does, by the way) 

It actually uses 5 values, look at the source:

        if FHdrPriority <> smtpPriorityNone then begin
            FHdrLines.Add('X-Priority: ' + IntToStr(Ord(FHdrPriority)));
            if FHdrPriority < smtpPriorityNormal then begin
                FHdrLines.Add('Priority: urgent');
                FHdrLines.Add('X-MSMail-Priority: High');
            else if FHdrPriority = smtpPriorityNormal then begin
                FHdrLines.Add('Priority: Normal');
                FHdrLines.Add('X-MSMail-Priority: Normal');
            else begin
                FHdrLines.Add('Priority: non-urgent');
                FHdrLines.Add('X-MSMail-Priority: Low');

>> It's likely that X-MSMail-Priority can be removed, however my OE v6
>> still uses it, XP SP3.
> But that's OE v6.  The question is, do we want ICS to impersonate OE
> v6, or to implement the protocol and let the client extend it as it
> wishes? 
No, I do not think so.

> I don't have Windows at hand right now, could you test if OE v6
> handles "X-Priority" or "Priority" too?  

It understands "X-Priority" not "Priority". 

> Remember, one thing is the
> header it sends, another is the headers it understands from incoming
> mail.  Typically, mail client developers understand that they receive
> messages from many different clients.

I understand that since along time.
> I think ICS should do the same, pick one from the most common ones
> and send that one only.  

Most likely, but it has to be tested with all common e-mail readers
in use today. I currently haven't the time to do that.

> Client applications using TPop3Cli component
> should then take care to expect different formats and attempt to
> decode them.  It should not hurt to include more than one, but it may
> be unnecessary, and it also doesn't follow the convention of other
> popular clients.     
> The RFC standard suggests "Priority," but like I said, not many
> clients seem to be using it.  They probably support it, though.  The
> most common one seems to be "X-Priority".

That's my guess as well, but before we change the source it must be 

Arno Garrels

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