Zvone wrote:
>>>> const GSSLEAY_DLL_Name : String  = 'SSLEAY32.DLL';
>> This is not required since writable typed constants is enabled.
> That's all fine but I don't see it published as property anywhere. How
> do I modify its value during runtime to set full path for SSLEAY32.DLL
> and LIBEAY32.DLL?

The DLL names are globally writable typed constants, set their values
before the OpenSSL libraries are loaded. OSSL is dynamically loaded
at runtime, that is when the first OpenSSL function is called.

In order to enforce a load call TSslContext.InitContext or 
set TSslDynamicLock/TSslStaticLock.Enabled to TRUE.
I prefer this anyway since the load errors don't raise somewhere
but where I can handle them easily:   

    GSSLEAY_DLL_Name := <full path and filename>;
    GLIBEAY_DLL_Name := <full path and filename>;       
    // Something went wrong with loading OSSL, handle it.

Arno Garrels

Arno Garrels

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