Arno Garrels wrote:
> Fastream Technologies wrote:
>> Let me elaborate: As our code is a proxy server and data keeps coming
>> down in OnDocData of the Httpclient, I was pumping it to
>> THttpConnection's descendent with Send(buf, len). However I noticed
>> it was actually buffering data when the Send()'s pace is less than
>> Receive(). So it might be a special case for proxies but I wonder
>> what you guys suggest for such case. I tried to Pause
>> THttpCli->CtrlSocket and resume in
>> THttpConnection::ConnectionDataSent but it did not work.
> Including "wsoNoReceiveLoop" in the ComponentOptions should do
> the trick. If this flag is set it breaks the loop in method
> TCustomWSocket.ASyncReceive.

I mean that Pause should work with wsoNoReceiveLoop.

Arno Garrels
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