> Is there any simple way to handle other than the GET, POST and HEADER
> request methods,... as OPTIONS,...?

You'd currently have to override the entire ProcessRequest procedure to
add a new method. 

> > By the way, the TriggerBeforeAnswer is used in what scenarios? 
> > From
> > the code above, it seems the answer has been delivered already.
> Indeed, maybe Angus can answer it, he added it?

>From the notes in the code:

Added OnBeforeAnswer event triggered once the answer is prepared
but before it is sent from ProcessRequest.
Added OnAfterAnswer triggered after the answer is sent from
ConnectionDataSent so time taken to send reply can be logged.

AfterAnswer is where the W3C web is written, once all the response data
has been sent, which may take several seconds or hours if it's ISO image

BeforeAnswer was intended to allow this time to be calculated exactly,
but after the response has been composed, which may take several seconds
on SQL lookups. BeforeProcessRequest is before page processing,
BeforeAnswer is after, but before the message handler starts sending the

Currently, I start the request duration counter in BeforeProcessRequest
and ignore BeforeAnswer, and time SQL requests separately to another log.


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