Arno Garrels wrote:
> Zvone wrote:
>>> IMO the component should clear LastResponse on before connect.
>> Maybe it should, but what it does is different story :)

I checked in a few changes today, it's rev #600:

Log: Pop3Prot V6.08
Moved HMAC-MD5 code to OverbyteIcsMD5.pas. Ensure that var LastResponse is
cleared before Connect. Added a public read/write property LastError (as
requested by Zvone), it is more or less the last ErrCode as passed to event
OnRequestDone and reset on before each request.

SmtpProt V7.32
Moved HMAC-MD5 code to OverbyteIcsMD5.pas.

MD5 V7.01
Added HMAC_MD5 routine from OverbyteIcsSmtpProt.pas and MD5DigestToHex

Sha1 V2.02
Added SHA1DigestToHex functions.

DigestAuth V1.01
Uses OverbyteIcsMD5.MD5DigestToLowerHexA.

Arno Garrels
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