[DCC Error] OverbyteIcsSimpleSslServer1.pas(88): E2003 Undeclared identifier: 'TSslWSocketClient'
You have to "Build" the project, compiling is not enough.

Didn't think of that.
It works.
You have to "build" instead of "compile" because SSL code is compiled because of a conditional compilation using symbol "use_ssl". This is to reduce the size of the components when SSL is not needed.

1) Do I need any third party SSL appliance or software with this? --> is this enough?

ICS-SSL use OpenSSL, so you must deploy the two OpenSSL DLL along with your program. Those are just DLL, no real installation required.

2) This perhaps is a stupid question but, how secure is this? --> is it as good as SSH?

It is known to be better than SSH. SSL is use widely, for example all banks are using SSL. You are probably using SSL almost everyday without knowing: each time you access a website who's URL start with https:// then you are using SSL

3) How do I send and receive files to the client from the SSL server I am going to create?

There is no fundamental difference for a server using SSL or not. Of course there a few things you_may_ use, for example, using certificates to authenticate the client or the server of both.

I am very sorry,
I do not have any knowledge of SSL or encyrption things, please be pation with me.

You're welcome.

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