> First off, does ICS V7 support the newest TLS version 1.2 ?

whatever 0.9.8n supports, ICS should support. so take a look what 098n
supports in openssl docs.

> dynamically when a ICS-SSL application starts ?

on first use (first connection), not when app starts but when SSL/TLS
component is used, or you can initialize / load libraries manually
when you init context - which is better because you can detect if
dll's are missing from the folder.

arno's example code:

    GSSLEAY_DLL_Name := <full path and filename>;
    GLIBEAY_DLL_Name := <full path and filename>;
    // Something went wrong with loading OSSL, handle it.

> There has been made bugfixes a.o. in the OpenSSL versions succeeding
> 0.9.8e and 0.9.8h.
> Is ICS-SSL limited to 0.9.8e/h or can newer versions be used ?

ICS can use 0.9.8n which is more recent than both versions you
mention. You can find it here:

More recent is only 0.9.8o.

Occasionally, TeamICS makes new version builds and tests ICS against
them. 098n is not the latest but is stable. better choice only would
be 0.9.8o at the moment.
versions 1.xx are not yet "stable" so 098x are better for production
purposes but eventually they will replace 098x versions.

the above dlls don't require any external dependencies so are best for
use with your app probably.
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