I need to receive udp packets from a certain IP address placed in my network.
Do we have any examples for this?

The problem is not from where it is sent from but to whom it is sent to. If the computer you want to run your "capturing" program is the one adressed by rge UDP packet, then ICS is what you need and as I said in my previous message, see the UDP demos. One for sending (OverbyteIcsUdpSend) and one for receiving (OverbyteIcsUdpLstn) .

If you want to capture UDP packets which are just passing on the network, that is NOT addressed to the computer where you run your program, then it is "sniffing" and See http://www.magsys.co.uk/delphi/magmonsock.asp for Delphi code to do that.

Hoping I clearly explined this time. Sorry for by bad english.
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