Fastream Technologies wrote:
> Hello,
> I wonder if the tests that were going to be made for IPv6 support is
> done. I have time for help conducting them but our ISP does not
> provide IPv6 addressing.

1) It would be nice if you test compatibility with standard IPv4.
Does the new source break anything in your existing projects?
Note that there is one known breaking change. Since IPv6 requires Winsock2
API and Delphi's Winsock.pas lacks Winsock2 ICS IPv6 uses its own, incomplete
Winsock.pas. Delphi users have to replace Winsock by OverbyteIcsWinsock
in there uses clauses. 

2) IPv6 in the local network works fine. Since Vista IPv6 is installed 
 by default.

3) If your ISP doesn't provide native IPv6 they probably provide a 6to4 
tunnel which works smoothly.
However with 6to4 your IPv6 address changes whenever your IPv4 address 
changes. The solution is the free SixXS tunnel broker They provide you a static IPv6 subnet after one
week membership for free. The easiest way was if your router supports
those services, otherwise you have to install additional software.
My Fritz Box has built-in support for both 6to4 and SixXS.

Arno Garrels 

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