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>> Please try and tell me if is works for you.

> ok,use soBeginning work fine!

I have already checked in the change to the SVN repository.

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> if the file size is 100KB on server
> i use OverbyteIcsFtpMultipartDownload download it back,may be it's size 
> 110KB

> i do this:
> procedure TMultipartFtpDownloader.DownloadDocData(
> .....
>    TimeoutTimer.Enabled  := FALSE;
>    TimeoutTimer.Enabled  := TRUE; //the two line fix timeout ,default is 
> 30 seconds, and not disable in the data trans time

Before I apply your fix, let me know if you have downloaded the very latest 
version of that source file from the SVN repository ?
If you don't use Tortoise or similar SVN client, you may access the file 
using this URL:
(User = ics Password = ics).

Best regards,
The author of the freeware multi-tier middleware MidWare
The author of the freeware Internet Component Suite (ICS)

>I have Tortoise svn client.
 >I download the the file from 
 >test is same to last report.
 >i compared this file with last version,different:
 soBeginning); // Warning: Using soFromBeginning make sthe compiler pick the 32 
bit overload !
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