I try to use ICS v6 TWSocket in async non-blocking mode.
(IDE C++Builder 2007)

I build little App for testing and benchmarks.

My app just send/receive data to server on second
PC conneceted via 1 GB LAN and show some statistic
on form.

And I have a problem: on heavy load (100+ TWSockets)
my test app responding to user actions very slowly
(about 10 sec delay for pressing buttons, repainting
labels etc) !

Usually I use Application->ProcessMessages in this case.

But with TWSocket - I can't because ProcessMessages
can be called only from some TWSocket events
(OnRequestDone, OnResponce, etc) !

But it's will produce many problems in async mode !

So, how I can repaint App interface and respond to user
actions ? Where to call Process Messages ?

Or maybe I forgot to set some important TWSocket property ?

Use a thread to put your communication stuff so that the main thread stay responsive for the user interface. Don't forget to create a message pump in your thread or no event will be handled. There are samples in the demos included with ICS. Don't forget to set multithread property to true.

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