I have to write a dll which downloads some file.
I created a project using example "OverbyteIcsDll2.dpr" as a sample.
There are 2 differences. I must put a form inside the dll, which is just
a user interface to set up and save connection parameters, but this form
is not
created at the time of transfer. So NOFORMS is not defined.
The other difference is that I create a datamodule in the thread, and
ftpcli is created inside that module.
I use async methods.
It is started from a method of datamodule:

The transfer is working fine.
The problem is, when OnSessionClosed is fired, PostMessage sends WM_QUIT
to FTPCli.Handle* but MessageLoop does not exit.

* Also tried FtpCli.ControlSocket.Handle and FtpCli.WndHandler.Handle

What am I missing?
Thank in advance.


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