Francois PIETTE wrote:
>>> Probably breaking changes could be iontroduced the day ICS stops
>>> supporting
>>> non unicode compiler.
>>> Probably ICS-V8 could be that one, maybe to be released at the same
>>> time as
>>> Delphi crossplatfom, abandonning support for most of old Delphi
>>> version. I'm
>>> thinking about letting ICS-V7 live for D7-D2010 and have ICS-V8 for
>>> Delphi-XE and the next one.
>>> Just ideas right now.
>> Oh, maybe that will be a good occasion for some cleanup and slight
>> code redesign.
> Sure ! And also to benefit from new construct in the language such as
> generics and others.
>> And maybe these changes will include more clear FTPcli error
>> reporting (the thing I wrote about several months ago).
> Maybe.
> Designing V8 will be a long process. Every option is still open. My
> dream is to have a single source code for Windows, MAC and Linux.
> This probably means ICS-V8 will looks more like ICS-for-Kylix than
> current ICS version. This is because MAC OSX and Linux do not work
> with messages as Windows do. 

IMO emulating windows messages on the MAC and Linux is just a 
workaround, if not a TRUE hack ;)

Arno Garrels  
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