Hi Francois,
Where do you exactly have this demo?
I can't find it in my component folder.

I unfortunately still don't understand this!
I just want to add the available data into the memo, what all other things are?
Is there any help somewhere?


On 2.12.2010 15:42, Francois PIETTE wrote:
How do you exactly call this?
"call ReceiveFrom to get data."

Extracted from sample program OverbyteIcsUdpLstn1.pas:

procedure TMainForm.WSocketDataAvailable(Sender: TObject; Error: Word);
   Buffer : array [0..1023] of AnsiChar;
   Len    : Integer;
   Src    : TSockAddrIn;
   SrcLen : Integer;
   SrcLen := SizeOf(Src);
   Len    := WSocket.ReceiveFrom(@Buffer, SizeOf(Buffer), Src, SrcLen);
   if Len >= 0 then begin
       if (FSenderAddr.S_addr = INADDR_ANY) or
          (FSenderAddr.S_addr = Src.Sin_addr.S_addr) then begin
           Buffer[Len] := #0;
DataAvailableLabel.Caption := IntToStr(atoi(DataAvailableLabel.caption) + 1) + ' ' + String(StrPas(inet_ntoa(Src.sin_addr))) + ':' + IntToStr(ntohs(Src.sin_port)) +
                                         '--> ' + String(StrPas(Buffer));

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