I try to use many instances of TWSocket (TSmtpCli) per TThread.

TSmtpCli works in async mode.

Each TThread contains 20 TSmtpCli's (created inside TThread->Execute) and
message loop procedure.

I create 5 TThreads, so it's 100 TSmtpCli instances.

But while performing stress-testing I notice what only 1-2 TSmtpCli per
thread is working very fast ! All other SmtpCli's is hangs in some state
(Connecting or sending some Smtp command).

My message loop is very simple:

// some very fast processing

Single MessageLoop procedure per TThread is enough ?

Or I see this problem because I use very fast channel for testing (1 GB) ?

Or it's probably my fault/bad threads design ?

p.s. ICS v6, BCB2007.

With best regards, Max Terentiev.
Business Software Products.
AMS Development Team.

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