1) I need to send from SslWSocketServer to SslWSocket,

A socket server cannot send any data to a client. The client has first to establish the communication with the server. At server side, a new socket is instanciated by SslWSocketServer to handle the communication with that client. Then once the connection is open, it is working in both directions. A server has to wait until the client connect. That's exactly what make a server a server: passively waiting for client connection.

- Files (upload and download)
- Commands. Commands are just text lines like: change IP Address, change display resolution, reboot the machine ETC.

As far as the socket is concerned, files or commands is exactly the same thing. A socket with an established connection is a bidirectional transparent data stream. What you send at one end is received at the other end. To send a file, you read the file block by block and you send each block. You'd probably add some metadata in front of the file data so that the receiver know at least the file size and maybe filename, timestamp and so on. Basically that is what HTTP protocol is doing. You can reuse HTTP or design your own protocol.

Commands being simple text lines, the socket has a line mode which will facilitate your programming. When line mode is active, the socket will assemble incomming data into lines and trigger OnDataAvailable for each complete line no matter how it is spread into packets of various sizes.

2) I need to send from SslWSocket to SslWSocketServer,
- Files (upload and download)
- Commands. Commmands are just text lines like: CPU temp is: 60%, HDD space left: 10% ETC.

See above.

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