If the SslWSocket sends command such as: “Time”,
SslWSocketServer is processing it and responding by giving the time to the client
(this what I have noticed in the samples).


Can the same thing be done in the other way around?
SslWSocketServer sends command such as : ”Time”,
SslWSocket answers by sending the current time to the SslWSocketServer after processing.

I know how to do this in some other ways but wondering if it is possible to do it with
the component since it is doing it in much better way.

Once the connexion is established between client and server, you have a bidirectional channel between both. Usualy as you have noticed in the demo, the client send commands and the server reply. But you can revert this. There is nothing special to program as far as communication is concerned. It is just the "application logic": what does the client when it receive something from the server ? I can simply parse it, consider it as a command and send back some informations.

My question will be,
can this be done for the client side where the client receives command from the server,
processes it and responds to the server.


procedure TSimpleSslServerForm.ProcessData(Client: TTcpSrvClient);
   I       : Integer;
   P       : Pointer;
   AClient : TTcpSrvClient;
   { We could replace all those CompareText with a table lookup }

ProcessData becomes handling (parsing) client response to previously sent command.

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