Hi All,

I have done a cbuilder translation of Mr. Mestdagh's SpocketSpy 
program. But, I have
a problem. When I run the program and try to connect with a server, I 
get this
immediate error:

"An unknown response was received in response to a request for 
information from the
news server 'SocketSpyC++ Local TCP Proxy'"

Under the details button of the error dialog, I get:

SocketSpyC++ Local TCP Proxy

   Account: SocketSpyC++ Local TCP Proxy
   Protocol: NNTP
   Port: 119
   Secure(SSL): 0
   Code: 800ccca0

I don't have any idea what the problem is. First, while trying to 
debug, I put a
popup messagebox at the end of the WSocketServerClientConnect 
procedure to take a
look at a variable. What I discovered was that messagebox being open 
allowed the
program to actually connect and go further before error. After that, 
I replaced the
messagebox with an Application->ProcessMessages() loop as a test. I 
was amazed that
after that, the program ran completely and reliably--everytime. It 
works just great,
but I haven't tried more than 1 connection because of the 
ProcessMessages loop.
Though the loop has been helpful, I doubt it is the appropriate fix 
for this.

I'm wondering if this problem is somehow related to changes made to 
cbuilder in the
2007 edition I'm using. I have already discovered and fixed 2 other 
problems related
to the 2007 upgrade. I'm using Vista64.

My socketspyc project is attached. Please have a look. The 
ProcessMessages loop is at the end of the WSocketServerClientConnect 


Richard Christman
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