When the WSocket is connected to the WSocketServer, I know it is possible to 
send commands to the client socket.

I have build a custom CMD with TEdit, TMemo and a button which can input 
commands into the system CMD.EXE (run commands directly in my application).

My question is,
is it possible to run the remote client CMD in the same way?
I mean,
when the client is connected,
I could run the command prompt of the connected client and put commands via my 
command window behind the WSocketServer.

Did anyone ever done this with ICS?
if yes could you please light me up?
I am working with SslWSocketServer and SslWSocket, everything works great, so 
far I have managed building the pem files and certification etc.

I don’t know how good I have explained this, please do ask if the explanation 
isn’t clear.

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