I would be interested in your tunnel project and would sincerely
appreciate it if you would send me a copy.

Thank you,

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> I want to build a simple NNTP proxy. However, I only need to intercept

> the POST command and then grab the message. I've done this and I've 
> found it easy to accomplish. Do you think this slight variation of 
> socketspy is actually useable, or do I need a more robust proxy? I was

> unable to find a NNTP proxy in Delphi/Cbuilder anywhere. I do like the

> simplicity of socketspy. I could build on it if I should need more in
the future.

I wrote a SMTP/POP3 proxy server with HTTP tunnelling. You could use
similar code in your NNTP proxy. Initially I wanted to implement NNTP
the same way but had no time to do it yet.

The goal of my application (OverbyteGateway and OverbyteGatewayServer as
I named the beast) is to allow someone to use standard SMTP/POP3 client
such as Windows Mail Client within an organization where only HTTP is
allowed with the help of a second program running on another computer.
Any computer or server is OK. I even use a dynamic IP by the way of
DynDNS service.

Instead of starting from SocketSpy I started at a higher level. I mean,
SocketSpy works at the TCP level, not knowing anything about what is
transported while the code I wrote understand SMTP and POP3 commands.
This makes things easier as soon as you must intercept some specific

When I said "understand SMTP and POP3 commands", I don't mean complete
command implementation. Since my proxy is mainly a tunnel, one side of
the tunnel (client side) listen for POP3/SMTP commands, roughly decode
it, encapsulate it into a HTTP request, send the the server side which
in turn send it to the actual external SMTP/POP3 server. The code was
fairly easy to write. Actually I implemented only the commands used by
Windows Mail Client which I use. Other client program could require
other commands altough it is likely not.

I have not yet had time to publish this code. It probably need some
cleaning and some commenting. Anyway, if you or someone else want it, I
can build a zip file and email it. No waranty and no commitment to
support it altough I will do my best to answer questions in twsocket
mailing list. The license is almost the same as TWSocket: you can use it
freely for whatever legal you want but you cannot claim you wrote the
code. You must include a notice in your software (source code, about box
and documentation) that you used my code, with clear reference to me and
my website.

And by the way, you can buy consulting or custom developement from me if
you want me to customize that code for you, or private email support if
you don't want to talk in public about your project. Email me for

The author of the freeware multi-tier middleware MidWare The author of
the freeware Internet Component Suite (ICS)

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