Busai Péter wrote:
> In HttpAppServer, URLHandler
> Call
> Client.AnswerPage(Flags,'','','template.html',nil,['SOMEKEY','A']); 
> The value of SOMEKEY must be one character long.
> Result rendered in html page:
> Unsupported TVarRec.VType = vtWideChar

I uploaded changed versions of OverbyteIcsHttpSrv.pas and 
OverbyteIcsHttpAppServer.pas here:

Fixed VarRecToString. AnswerPage and other functions take 
optional codepage parameters now, you asked that some days back.
So it should now be possible to write i.e. UTF-8 encoded HTML
by passing CP_UTF8 in parameter DstCodePage, the default is
CP_ACP. Since it's not much tested please give it a trial and 
let me know how it works for you before I upload this change to
the repository.

Arno Garrels  
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