I am running Windows 7-64 bit; Delphi 2007
I compiled and run OverbyteIcsClient7.dpr, ran outside of Delphi.
I compiled and run OverbyteIcsSrvTcp.dpr inside of delphi
I cannot see where to adjust the port, I will need 5151

I am trying to have a server listen on port 5151 and receive incoming
messages and based on the incoming message, process it. Simple.

Can you guide me to the correct demo.

In OverbyteIcsSrvTcp, the server code really reside in OverbyteIcsTcpCmd.pas unit in the TTcpDaemon object. That objet expose a port property having a default value of 2120 (Search every occurence of FPort in that unit and you'll understand the code easily).

To change the port, you can either change the default value hardcoded in OverbyteIcsTcpCmd.pas unit, or better assign a value to that property from the main code in the FormCreate event handle where an instance of TTcpDaemon is created, for example immediately after the line initialzing the banner property. You coudl get the port from a config file (ini or registry or whatever you like). You could aslo place the port initialisation in WMAppStartup procedure, just before the call to Start.
In both cases add a line: FTcpDaemon.Port := '5151';

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