daniel cc wrote:
> Hello,
> I have received an error from my client on test,
> the error is,
> “Revocation information for the security certificate for this site is
> not available, do you want to proceed?” 

This is not an error from your application, isn't it?
A certificate usually contains a link to a certificate revocation list "CRL".
When Windows or Firefox verify a certificate they try to lookup
the presented certificate in that list. Applications may show that warning
if there's no link to a CRL included etc..

> Please notice,
> I am using the demo/test certificates delicered with ICS component
> package because I am still doing a test period. I just would like to
> know if someone else has the problem and what is the solution? 

With OpenSSL it's easy to generate a CRL and to include its weblink 
in self created certificates. If you will use commercial SSL server 
you do not have to worry about CRLs.

Arno Garrels 

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