I am using your ICS socket componet for c++ builder 6  .  I test lot but
TWSocket Component not sending the data more than 1460 bytes at a time .
 what is the maximum size how can use and how??.

I guess you are using UDP not TCP.
The maximum size of a UDP datagram TWsoc²ket can send is defined by the internal buffer size which default to 1460 (The max size of a normal Ethernet packet on a LAN). You can change that buffer size using BufSize property.

also how many max clients
it can handle in server mode . I have server 2003 with core to quad cpu.

The most limiting number of concurrent sockets is memory, not processor. This has been asked frequently. Go to the mailist list archive and search for those discussion (Archives accessible from "support" link at www.overbyte.be).

You need ICS-V7 to support a really large number of concurrent sockets (Thousands of sockets).

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