Hi All,

I just checked in HTTP proxy support into svn, will be also available
with next nightly snapshot as well at:

I'll now add this to the FTP client component since that is what
I actually need in production. Please report any bugs to this list.  


Added HTTP V1.1 transparent proxy support including Basic and NTLM 
authentication implemented as TCustomHttpTunnelWSocket. This feature is still 
in beta state, mainly because I only tested against WinGate proxy server. My 
goal was to make it as fast as possible, there are no or just very few 
protected methods available to override so far. Best performance is achieved 
with one of the authentication types "htatNone", "htatBasic" or "htatNtlm". 
With "htatDetect" the last successful authentication type is cached until the 
proxy server name changes or the TWSocket object is freed.

Arno Garrels
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