I am developing an application that uses both a TWSocketServer/TTcpSrvClient for TCP comms and a THttpCli to retrieve periodic images over HTTP. I'm doing this in C++ in BDS2006.

All components are created (new) in code, so not present on the forms, and then deleted in class destructors.

Now, before I added the THttpCli, everything was fine. Startup, normal comms operation, and shutdown went without a hitch and no exceptions fire. Even Codeguard was happy.

However, now I've added the THttpCli component, I can't find a way to shutdown the application without exceptions & lockups.

In normal operation, the component works. It will retrieve images (every 30 seconds [TTimer] from a video server) if the network is up, OnSocketError fires if the connection is down.

But, when I try to terminate the program, I can't get a clean shutdown. Depending on what I've tried, I get exceptions or lockups/hangs.

Deleting the component the moment the class destructor is called fails, as the component could be in the middle of an operation (I am in a high latency environment). Calling Abort() at this time seems to just hang (the operational routine I have ever returns from the component).

What is the 'correct' way to cleanly shutdown the THttpCli component, whilst it could be in use?



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