FTP, HTTTP, SMTP/POP3, NNTP are all capable of transmit file and they are
standard protocols based on TCP sockets.
You may also design your own protocol based on your own requirements which
--> I actualy have the protocol which is just the command based and everything works real good and smooth but sending and receiving files is once more something which I don't know if possible to do in the same way.

You can easily add file transfer to your protocol. For example, you implement a command "file" taking as argument the file size, filename and timestamp (UTC). Then the sender read the file block by block and send exactly the number of byte, then the command is finished. At receiver side, whe the file command is received, the receiver parse file size, timestamp and file namne, then switch linemode to off and wait the receive exatcly filesize bytes, save it in the given file (or stream) and then switch back linemode to on and send some OK message to the sender. Basically this is more or less how http 1.1 is working.

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