During a relocation an intermediary RequestDone events is fired. Is this really needed, and for what propose?

Relocation is considered as a another automatic request. You may cancel it on the fly or simply disable the feature with FollowRelocation property.

If yes, then I think it should be fired with the correct response status code, not zero as now, so it can be clearly detected as not the final request done even. Also, an "httpRelocating" THttpState could be handy.

Changing the behaviour is likely to break a lot of existing code.
Introducing a new state is not possible because relocation involve a new request traversing all the current states.

This behavior is also inconsistent. If the client is configured to use HTTP 1.0, and no Keep-Alive header is send, this intermediary RequestDone event is not triggered.

Well, this is maybe a bug...

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