Ruud Kerstens wrote in Midware mailing list:
Now I am able to
get the information in a table in the webscreen, however due to
screenlimitations i need to create a pulldown and fill it with the
variable i retrieve.

The variable works fine in a table, but my dropdown/pulldown box does
not get any entry.

A pulldown list is an html select tag. It has option inner tag similar like this:
 <option value="this">Ruud</option>
 <option value="that">Peter</option>

The option part is just like a table as far as ICS page producer is concerned. You use the exact same construction as to build an html table, except the html elements are no option instead of tr and td. Delphi code is the same.

In ICS webpage template, the TABLE_ROWS system is not tied to html table. It can be used whenever you have repeating html code to produce.

Your template should looks like:
 <option value="<#VALUE>"><#DISPLAY></option>

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