I made a small modification to OverbyteIcsHttpProt
and OverbyteIcsHttpCCodZLib, maybe it can be sorted for the next version.

OverbyteIcsHttpProt :

I made a small change to modify the headers before sending a request. I know
there is an event for it, OnBeforeHeaderSend, however that's not quite
handy. Usually you need add something to the header just before the call, so
to use the event you would have to set a flag or something that adds the
header only in case of certain calls.. like, let's say, you are gonna make a
few gets or posts, but only need to modify the header for one of them, it's
not really convenient then to use the event if you are using the same socket
object for all the calls. Isn't it more handy if you can just modify it
before your call? So I changed the following:

589:         FExtraSendHeader      : String;
914:         property ExtraSendHeader : String     read  FExtraSendHeader
2405:        // 2011, before TriggerBeforeHeaderSend
                if FExtraSendHeader <> '' then
                    FExtraSendHeader := '';

This way you can do ExtraSendHeader := '..extra stuff', just before a GET or
POST, so it will be added to the next request and cleared for further calls.


I added deflate because otherwise it wasn't working when I was trying to
retrieve a page with content-encoding on. Maybe I was doing something else
wrong? This fixed it though:

55:     Result := 'gzip, deflate';

I found something about this in the archives, someone sent in a modification
to support deflate, but it still didn't work for me.
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