Hello Angus,

OK,  I  installed  filezilla  server to my local computer and uploaded
files  to  it  using "LocalHost". ICS client worked in all modes (FTP,
FTP  AuthSSL,  FTP  AuthTLS  and  Implicit).  So, there seems to be no
problem  with  local file transfers. I think the problem may be with site5
server  configuration,  which   supports  SSL  but  maybe it is not
configured properly. OR, the problem may be in routers...

Angus,   I  still  want  to try any distant FTP server to be sure that
my  ISP  is  not  to blame. You can send me test login and password to
spama...@mail.ru  and  I  will  try to upload something to your server
using ICS client, and if it fails, I will also try FileZilla client.

Sunday, February 27, 2011, 3:27:00 PM, you wrote:

>> ARMSL> ics.ftptest.org
>> Personally, I cannot make it work even with Filezilla:

ARMSL> SSL is now working with the public FTP server, the ICS FTP server was
ARMSL> already configured to use a limited range of passive ports, so I just
ARMSL> added these to the firewall (at the same time as blocking as various Far
ARMSL> East ISPs that are hacking me) and FileZilla and ICS FTP client are now
ARMSL> both working, with passive mode only. 

ARMSL> If you email me privately, I'll set-up a test FTP login account so you
ARMSL> can upload stuff. 

ARMSL> Angus

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Best regards,
 Antol                            mailto:spama...@mail.ru

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