Hello Anton,

Thanks for the bridge to the developer, however I haven't the time to
report all the bugs I found in several proxy servers while testing the
new HTTP tunnel support in TWSocket, most of the proxies were not 
bug-free. That's bad news since I'm now going to put HTTP tunnel support
into a product, knowing that this will likely trigger plenty of (unpayed)
support effort :(

Arno Garrels

> 3proxy developer answered (translation is mine)
> "What vesion was used? 0.7 has quite many fixes for HTTP/1.1 to work
> but old vesions are transferring 1.1 as 1.1 as well. Let them log
> request/replies or smth like that"  
> Arno maybe you'll wish to contact 3APA3A personally? I've little idea
> of HTTP proxies so I'm not the one to link you two. There's 3proxy
> board at http://3proxy.ru/board/ (no auth required) and developer's
> email "3APA3A at security.nnov.ru".   
> --
> Anton
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