thank for your answer
( but i have read your post in Internet and not receive any email)
how i can replay in my open thread ??

so this is my new test.

i have upgrade ICS component with latest from ics source..

and the result is same..

but i have put a sleep(150) on SmtpClientDisplay procedure and all work well this is fix..
 it's how the send streaming it's so fast like the server want..

without "fix" i receive this error ( but i can't use it because freeze my

All message sent OK at the last after send file  i have this error

> --= Multipart Boundary 0305110951--
> .
RequestDone Rq=5 Error=10004
RequestDone Rq=6 Error=0

i have see the calcmsg like you say but there isn't any example ...
and  i don't know how use it in my procedure
i have see in your demo and you use it in PrepareProgressBar.

so i have insert a procedure like PrepaeProgressBar and now it work...with
all file...(i hope day i test it with more file on large develop

i have reproduce it in your demo app...if i send a very small file all work
without check progress bar
with large file i need to check progress bar ...(same in my app)..
i have see that this problem can repruduce with very larg body text..(html
not testing but i think is the same)

i think that calcmsg(sync) could be a default setting in your componet..when
file attachment or body text is to large..

andrea lucchetti

follow your answer

Arno Garrels wrote:
>* andrea lucchetti wrote:
*>>* Hi to all ( this is my first email)
*>>* I'm trying ics component ( smtp in this case )
*>>* my suite is d2009 patch 4 and vista
*>>* ics last release from your site v7
*>* At first, always grab latest ICS source from:
*>>* when send on email without attachment there isn't problem
*>>* 1) using your demo APP
*>>* but when insert a file i have this two result
*>>* with your demo project , if i repeat send process with allinone
*>>* button , with the same config and file  i have this log ( some time
*>>* goes OK)
*>* What is the LastResponse, ErrorMessage and StatusCode?
*>* Maybe some upload limit per time interval has been reached.
If that's the source of the problem read this:
Helpful as well:

Arno Garrels
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