RTT wrote:
> On 07-03-2011 06:31, Arno Garrels wrote:
>> That's sounds like a bug. I would expect that THttpCli is reset to
>> default values after that error?

> I don't see any reference to "10053" in any of the ICS code, so I
> suppose this situation is not being handled internally by the
> THttpCli. Because the THttpCli try to reuse the connection, it should
> be also the responsible to retry with a new connection too, if while
> reusing it resulted in this specific error.

The THttpCli should not handle reconnects in such cases, however the
default values should be restored whenever the connection closed unexpectedly.
It's another story if an exception raised, after that the component
user is responsible to reset it to a consistent state, Abort might work
in most cases however recreate the object from scratch is the secure way.

In order to debug and replay this issue try disconnecting the network
cable while a connection persists, do a request and try to find the reason
why the state is not reset after the failure, just an idea? 

Arno Garrels
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