is it possible to use a local network folder with THttpAppServ? How did I
have to set the path in my application?

You mean for documents and templates ?
Yes, you can. Use either \\MyServer\MyFolder\MySubFolder or map the network
path to a drive letter and then use the drive letter in your application.

no, I mean an additional folder with (pdf)-documents for a download.

I ask if it is for documents and you answer no, asking a folder for document...
I am tired ?

As seen from a webserver, include th eone ICS implement, any type of documents is exactly the same, being rendered as a webpage by the browser or saved to a file. It doesn't matter. And yes, the document can be stored on a network share/folder as I explained.

If you want to have several document folder root, you probably have to write some code, unless you use the seldom used Windows "Mount Points" (

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