Microchip use a "Discovery" protocol to allow devices running their TCP/IP
stack to be easily discovered on a network
    This protocol allows the user to quickly discover ALL microchip devices
on a given network
The protocol is UDP based, and just responds to a   D    being sent to UDP
port 30303     the response contains the MAC and IP address of the Microchip
I am trying to write a simple Embarcadero XE project to use this protocol to
discover all devices on my network
What I have done so far
1) Put 2 TWSockets onto a form   
        1 for listening and 1 for sending
2) set them both to Proto=udp
3) Set the Port property to 30303   on both TWSockets
4) On the Listening TWSocket ==>> Set the Addr property to then call
5) On the Sending TWSocket  ==>> Set the Addr property to
then call  Connect()
6) on the Sending socket i call  SendStr("D");
7) then I wait for incomming data on the Listening socket using the event
"OnDataAvailable" i call ReceiveStr() and put the data into a TListBox
I am expecting to get a responce from all the  Microchip based devices on
the network
but all i get is one responce from my local PC
Also what is the property that tells you what the IP address the UDP packet
came from ??
Thanks for any help
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