Hi all...
I am running on Windows XP, Embarcadero XE 
I am using the TWSocket Version:7.47   in Client mode to connect to another
PC on my LAN which is also using TWSocket in Listen mode.
When I call the TWSocket->Connect() for the first time every thing works
perfectly, the connection is made and data can be Rx'ed and Tx'ed without
then I call TWSocket->Close()
and a few seconds later I call TWSocket->Connect()
    - In the OnSessionConnected  event I get the error 10048
If instead of waiting a few seconds, I wait 1 minute then call the
TWSocket->Connect() the connection is made and all works correctly
    - this error = "Cannot bind to an already used TCP Port"
Is there some something you need to call after the Close() method before you
call the TWSocket->Connect() method ???
If I close the application, re-run it and try to connect, then the error
10048 still occurs !!!
for any help
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