You cannot communicate between clients. You must pass thru the server,
first upload the file from one client to the server and then download
the file from the server to the second client.

Or transform one client into a server (That is simply use ICS HTTPS
server component). But then you'll have issues with the firewall which
must forward the incomming connection to the client computer running the
server program.

But could it be possible to have an application that is server and client in the same time and for both operations use only one common port like port 80 ? Something like Skype does ?

Yes, no problem. You can have a server program listening on port 80 and on the same computer a client program connecting to a server (local or remote) on the port 80.

And instead of using HTTPS (SSL) use HTTP but with a custom encryption if needed. That's an idea, OK?

You can use HTTP protocol to transport any file, including encrypted files.

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