Thanks Arno :)
I understand perfectly,
Do we have any samples about this?

About the file size,
the log file can be sometimes bigger than 3mb, does that makes problem?
it normally will be around 0-3mb

-----Original Message----- From: Arno Garrels Sent: Tuesday, April 12, 2011 4:40 PM To: ICS support mailing Subject: Re: [twsocket] Receive log file text
daniel cc wrote:
Can someone please help me out w ith a sample of how to,
send a log (text file) from client to the server?
My connection is with ICSSLServer and ICSSSLClient.

That works the same way as without SSL.
And it depends on your protocol. Typically you send a request to the server telling him
that you want to send a file. The request would include
filename and filesize in bytes. When the server received the request it opens an filestream,
turns off LineMode and sends back an OK-response or any error
On receipt of the OK-response the client opens the file,
reads from it into a small buffer i.e. 4-16 KB and sends the
buffer content. The client sends subsequent data chunks from event OnDataSent until the file is completely sent.
The server simply receives into a small buffer and writes
buffer content to the filestream until filesize has been
reached. The server turns on LineMode back again and sends
a response to the client telling him whether everyting
went well or some error occurred.
Arno Garrels

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